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This is a fun group to join~! ^^.
If you want to RP choose or create a character, and do your best to interact and be alive~!
Founded 6 Years ago
Mar 28, 2010


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Fan Club

170 Members
164 Watchers
18,636 Pageviews
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If you don't speak English very well, it's okay! This RP is for everyone, even for those who aren't very good at English!


1. After joining the club, If wanting to RP,
pick any available character in this link:…

You may choose any available character.
Please write down in a note to the admin if you choose a certain character, along with the following instructions, which can be found, in the character list blog.
Pick ONE. OCs are allowed.

2. Be polite. If you must swear (either you or your character) use asterisks (*) to censor.

3. Members can submit anything from art to fanfics to our gallery. They must be Hetalia related.
Submissions can be anything from yaoi, yuri or het but please put a mature warning if necessary.

4. If you wish to leave or go on hiatus please tell
Sakitashi-Lioncourt or any other facilitator by NOTE

The rp takes place in our chatroom:…

1. When role playing, write you character's name in the beginning of the message (eg. England: hi! ). Actions are shown through asterisks (eg. England: *drinks tea*)

2. Be polite. We do not want to have any arguements between RPers.

3. If you want to say something out of character, please write it in brackets!

4. Despite of all the crack, you are to be in character even if you are an OC or a misc. RP-er, and especially a canon or mentioned character.


(Original rules by Kira--Raito. Edited by KejuCheese. Edited some more by kuzu-eimin and other admins)


Random 30 affiliates. ^^

Since i am the one in charge in here now, i'd like to put some stuff into consideration. For starters, i want the people that applied for a character before may to comment in here with the application again because i have to re-make the character list.

i'll check activity in the chat at least 3 times per week  

I'll not accept people who roleplay in a chatspeak form as a member.

I guess that's all for now, and have a good day, keep in touch because i'll do a few changes

PS: i erased EVERYBODY form the list until they re-claim the character / claim it -with the application of course- So go ahead and choose~

Here is the list of roles:
At the very bottom of this blog is how to apply for a role

CANON: -the characters who have been drawn and showned in the anime/manga
1. North Italy (Veneziano) Italy-chan-Veneziano / Chibitalia: mythica-dani [GMT -4]
2. Germany KawaiiPV [GMT -5]
3. Japan
4. America/United States the-pancake-fairy [GMT -8]
5. England/United Kingdom DuwOLleuad
6. France
7. Russia  Sakitashi-Lioncourt [GMT -3]
8. China
9. South Italy (Romano)
10. Spain mello-pixie [GMT -5/-6]
11. Austria
12. Hungary
13. Poland  LonelyLunaKitty [GMT -7]
14. Switzerland
15. Liechtenstein  AnimeGal95 [GMT +0]
16. Belgium
17. Netherlands
18. Belarus
19. Ukraine
20. Sweden
21. Finland
22. Denmark
23. Norway
24. Iceland
25. Greece
26. Turkey
27. Egypt
28. The Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus
29. Lithuania
30. Estonia
31. Latvia
32. South Korea
33. Taiwan
34. Canada
35. Cuba  
36. Seychelles
37. Sealand
38. Ancient Rome/Roman Empire
39. Germania
40. Prussia NewMoonNightmare [GMT -4]
41. Holy Roman Empire
42. Wy
43. Seborga

MENTIONED: -canon characters mentioned in the anime/manga or under draft:
45. Albania
46. Bulgaria
47. Czechoslovakia
48. Ireland
49. Moldova
50. Northern Ireland
51. Scotland - BubonicDoctor [GMT: -6]
52. Wales
53. Romania
54. Vatican City  
55. North Korea AMizuki0216
56. Singapore  
57. Bulgaria   
58. Monaco
59. Portugal
60. Indonesia
61. Luxemmborg
62. Malaysia
63. Thailand
64. Vietnam
65. Tibet
66. Mongolia
67. Hong Kong
68. Cameroon
69. Australia
70. Cyprus
71. Mexico
72. New Zealand
73. Paraguay
74. Ancient Egypt
75. Ancient Greece
76. Magyar  
77. Bavaria Bavaria-chan [GMT +2/+1]
78. Brandenburg
79. Hesse
80. Holstein
81. Saxony

PETS AND OTHERS: - Well-known misc.
82. Hanatamago
83. Kumajirou
84. Shinatty-chan
85. Tony
86. Gilbird
87. Brownie [England's flying mint bunny]
88. General Winter

OCs - Countries who rock and roll on their very own special ways

89. Byzantine Empire - :deva-pretty-coom-troll: [GMT -5]
90. Israel - SexxiVexxi [GMT -8 / -1]
91. Greenland - hyugahealer3 [GMT-5]
92: Armenia The-Mar [GMT]

The following will be needed in the application,
it should be sent to one of the admins via note
RP sample: [3 lines minimum and 5 lines max]

Country: South Korea
RP sample:
Of course, the South Korea is such an intellectual country, daze.
I mean, after all, Confucius [forgive the spelling if wrong] originated from me, daze~! So isn't it wise for all of you to consult to me, right, daze~?

GMT - Greenwich Mean Time; basically the timezone of where you are in [quote Andy]
To all recent RP-er's
Please, tell me your GMT time
If you're confuse please look for
the country where you live in
this link:…
If you don't answer the GMT question, the admin will make your reply to the note absolutely invalid so please answer it.
More Journal Entries


Our Admins!





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